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The problem: how to use Microsoft Word for long documents effectively

Most people have never studied Word in depth, so they use it more or less intuitively and find it sufficient for their daily use. Because sophisticated features are either avoided or ignored, encountered inefficiencies are taken for granted. Although numerous books are available, these books frequently cover the obvious (e.g., how to make text bold) or features that are seldom needed for regular scientific report writing (e.g., mail merge features). Consequently, most researchers simply don’t consult these books.

The solution: Mastering Microsoft Word for Scientific Reports

An eBook explaining how to make Microsoft Word behave the way you want it to, Mastering Microsoft Word for Scientific Reports offers concise, step-by-step instructions for using the key elements needed for working effectively with long, complex Word documents.  By following these easy-to-learn principles, scientific report writers:

- will not lose precious time on formatting

- will create documents that remain stable, even when writing hundreds of pages that contain many tables and figures
- will save time creating and updating long, complex documents with the aid of built-in automation (without using macros).

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